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What Makes Us Whole Wooden Sign

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Color of Wood

Celebrate your families size with this personalized wooden indoor sign! Labeled "What Makes Us Whole", place this sign in your home's foyer or walkway and it's sure to catch the eyes of guests.

How to Order|

To choose from the available colors for the text on your sign, simply navigate to the color options list in the products picture section. Type the name of the color that you would like us to use for the text in the text box provided above. Please only choose one color.

In the same text box, also add the specific number that represents your families size. We will use that number in replace of the word and number "four" on the sign.

Note: If you do NOT add your text color choice above but you choose a wood color that is dark then we will automatically make the text color for your sign white, otherwise, the text color will be black.


  • Perfect for Indoor Use
  • Quality Wood Surface
  • Various Wood Colors Available
  • Multiple Sizes: 8x8, 8x10,