Be A Flamingo in A Flock Of Pigeons Wooden Sign

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Remind yourself that being your unique self is wonderful with this motivational wooden sign that says, "Be A Flamingo in A Flock Of Pigeons." Discover decorative indoor signs and pictures to match your homes interior decor with Vinylbug Designs.

How to Order|

To view and choose from our available colors for the text on your sign, simply navigate to the color palette options list in the products picture section. Type the name of the color that you would like us to use for the text in the text box provided above labeled "Custom Colored Graphics". Please only choose TWO colors-- one color for the text and one color for the flamingo design.

Note: If you do NOT add your text color choice above but you choose a wood color that is dark then we will automatically make the text color for your sign white, otherwise, the text color will be black.


  • Perfect for Indoor Use
  • Quality Wood Surface
  • Various Wood Colors Available
  • Multiple Sizes: 8x8, 8x10